As experienced Salesforce Consultants, you will be talking every day to customers who have an ongoing challenge with workforce productivity. Our intelligent productivity solutions address many of those problems.

Email-to-anything automatically creates Leads, Cases (or any object) from inbound emails or web forms, thus eliminating the need to create records or objects manually. Q-assign uses intelligent assignment rules to assign Leads, Cases or helpdesk tickets to the very best agent available, thereby increasing throughput and enhancing conversion and resolution rates. So, if you introduce such a customer to us, we’ll reward you handsomely – and no doubt your customer will continue to do so too. Win. Win. Win.


When you partner with Ortoo​​, you are joining force with a unique and forward-looking company that thrives on resolving clients’ everyday business challenges with forward-looking technology solutions.  That’s why we offer a valuable array of incentives, tools and resources to our business partners, enable us to grow together, as one.

We’ll pay you commission, a referral fee, on any deal you bring to us. We’ll pay you X% of the year 1 revenue and, subject to negotiation, we’ll provide you with an additional discount that you can pass on to your customer.

As an Ortoo Referral Partner, we’ll provide you with full production versions of our two flagship products, Email-to-anything and Q-assign, free of charge.

Any deal you bring to us will be registered and protected.  We won’t work with any other third party on that deal, and we won’t work on it directly (unless you want us to).

As an official Ortoo Referral Partner, we may pass leads to you where system integration or consultancy is needed beyond and E2A or Q-assign installation. We’ll pass on leads based on best-match (in terms of partner capability and customer requirement) and also partners’ success rate processing previous leads.

We’ll provide you with the necessary support to get QA & E2A installed and configured in your Salesforce production environment.

We’ll provide you with the Sales and Marketing resources you need to position and sell Email-to-anything and Q-assign as best-in-class solutions.Where appropriate we can package our solutions with a Referral Partner’s own products & services, to showcase complete, end-to-end solutions to targeted vertical markets and specific industries via marketing campaigns and trade shows.

Ortoo will manage the Customers’ project implementation and on-going technical support, to allow our Referral Partner to focus on future sales opportunities and customer engagements.

Where our partners do a great job on shared projects & implementations, we will provide glowing reviews, testimonials and references.

Our Solutions

Q-assign intelligently routes Salesforce leads, cases and tickets to the best available agent using intelligent assignment rules.
Email-to-anything (E2A) enables you to automatically create Leads, Cases and Opportunities from inbound emails or web forms.


Gideon P.
Salesforce AppExchange Review

Great app. Great people. Nothing but praise. Easy logical setup. Support has been phenomenal.

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