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Consultancy Services

Ortoo offer independent Salesforce consultancy for ambitious clients looking to get the most from their CRM solution.

Ortoo work with a range of companies to help support their Salesforce goals and objectives. We are finding that more and more businesses have a stronger appetite for better information management and are realising the power Salesforce can bring to their organisation.

The problematic part of this equation is that if you are moving to Salesforce for the first time or are undergoing substantial business change then intricate knowledge of the Salesforce platform is often required.

Fortunately Ortoo offer independent Salesforce consultancy which can be completely tailored to your business and processes, helping you achieve more in a shorter space of time.


All our consultancy services are exclusively handled by Ortoo’s founder Leon Crisp.  Leon is an independent Salesforce consultant and has been working with software for over two decades.

Léon is an industry veteran, and his obsession with Salesforce automation solutions was born from his passion for technology. Having started started programming on a Sinclair ZX80 in the 1980s, his fascination with the world around him, and how things work, led him to study science at Cambridge University, where he gained an MA.

Léon spent the next 20 years designing and developing business software applications and network infrastructures, but by 2010 his attention had been caught by a relatively new and headline-grabbing software platform –

Léon launched his first apps on the Saleforce AppExchange in the Autumn of 2010 and 5 years later Ortoo emerged as an ISV specialising in Salesforce automation solutions.  Léon has duly become a highly-regarded consultant in the field of intelligent Salesforce automation, and has provided CRM consultancy to companies across a wide range of industries, always demonstrating a desire to understand complex business challenges and to share his unique knowledge on how to overcome them with Salesforce technology solutions.

Leon has designed several of his own Salesforce applications and has an unrivalled knowledge when it comes to assigning leads, storing records, integrating email and automating processes within the Salesforce platform.

Your Salesforce Journey

Salesforce is an extremely dynamic platform and companies using it are often at different levels of implementation and proficiency.

No matter what stage you are in your Salesforce journey, Ortoo can advise on a range of specialist areas and give your technical teams the insight they need to be able to move forward with the platform. Our consultancy service can offer guidance whether you are just starting out or looking to scale your activity.


Ortoo can draw on years of experience helping businesses move their CRM efforts across to Salesforce. Whether you need help importing legacy data, or if you need additional support mastering the standard Salesforce functionality, Ortoo can help you with the implementation effort.

From the outset we’ll help you automate where opportunities to automate exist. We’ll help you set up a slick and seamless process for creating leads, opportunities and customer cases in Salesforce. We’ll also look at how we can use intelligent assignment rules to route requests to your reps and agents, taking into account their experience, skills, product knowledge and even language capabilities.

Ortoo can help you evolve your Salesforce platform, optimise the processes and workflows around how your business and, most importantly, drive workforce productivity through the roof as you strive fro growth.

Whether it’s processing leads, converting opportunities, managing customer cases or intelligently routing helpdesk tickets, we are the experts in eliminating manual, labour-intensive processes and automating workflows. So if you think your workforce could be more productive, and you feel you are not using Salesforce to its full potential, then there is a high chance we can offer valuable guidance.


Salesforce is an incredible business tool but sometimes the standard functionality isn’t quite enough to drive your business forward. Having worked with the platform, and the Salesforce AppExchange, in depth for many years, Ortoo have the skills and experience required to identify any potential weaknesses, and opportunities, in your existing Salesforce setup.

If there are areas in which missing or sub-optimal functionality is holding you back, we can advise not only what can be done in terms of re-configuring the native functionality, but also what might be achieved by leveraging an existing 3rd party app, or developing a new one.